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Buy in Bulk at New England Nurseries

New England Nurseries proudly carries the bulk supplies your property needs at our nursery in Bedford, MA.  You’ve come to the right place if you’ve been looking for the best nursery for bulk garden materials, bulk landscape materials, wholesale garden materials, and more. While trees, perennials, and shrubs are the main elements in landscaping, bulk products are fundamental when it comes to the health and beauty of your lawn or garden. Learn more about the bulk products we offer and our delivery services, and get in touch with us today.

The Bulk Supplies Your Property Needs

aged hemlock mulch

Aged Hemlock Mulch

The finest Hemlock aged a minimum of 9 months, to a deep burgundy color. This mulch is natural and undyed.

Available by the cubic yard.

Priced at $49.99 per cubic yard.

black mulch

Black Mulch

A deep, black mulch. This mulch is tinted with the micronutrient Carbon.

Available in 2 cubic foot bags or by the cubic yard.

$42.99 per cubic yard

cedar mulch

Cedar Mulch

An aromatic blend with deep, natural, medium brown hues.

Exceptionally long lasting.

Available in 2 cubic foot bags.

hemlock mulch

Hemlock Mulch

This is by far our most popular mulch. It has a light rust color. This mulch is currently available in cubic yards for $44.99 and 2 cubic foot bags for $6.99.

jolly brown cow mulch

Jolly Brown Cow Mulch

This brown mulch, made from natural forest products, is mixed with just the right amount of composted cow manure. The composted cow manure does not contain seeds and is odor free, leaving only the natural aroma of the mulch intact. This product is screened resulting in a fine grind.

A "weed & feed" approach to mulching has been gaining attention. Homeowners and landscapers have been mixing their own blends of mulch and compost for a few years now. Mulch to control weeds and retain moisture; compost to feed the soil and increase organic matter for improved plant growth.

Results received from an analysis performed by UMASS on our Jolly Brown Cow Mulch show high nutrient values. Analysis is as follows: total nitrogen: 0.92%, total phosphorus 0.1178%, total potassium 0.1889%

This mulch is natural and undyed. Available by the cubic yard.

$44.99 per cubic yard

pine mulch

Pine Mulch

An aromatic blend with natural, brown hues. Produced from Northern White Pine & Spruce.

This mulch is natural and undyed.

Available in 2 cubic foot bags or by the cubic yard.

$46.99 per cubic yard; 2 cubic yard bags are $6.99.

playground mulch

'Playground Pillow' Playground Mulch

A fine, soft mulch perfect for play areas.

Available in 2 cubic feet bags: $6.99

pine bark nuggets

Pine Bark Nuggets

Pieces range in size from 1 1/4" to 3 1/2" diameter.

Available in 3 cubic feet bags: $13.99

bark mulches cocoa shell in Bedford, MA

Buckwheat Hull Fine Mulch

Buckwheat Hull Fine Mulch

In addition to our bark mulches, we carry Buckwheat Hull and Cocoa Shell mulches.

Buckwheat hull is a beautiful mulch, good for plantings that require good soil ventilation, especially good for peonies and other perennials. An effective weed barrier, this mulch will break down slowly over time adding valuable compost to the soil.

Available in 2 cubic feet bags: $19.99

coca shell fine mulches in Bedford, MA

Cocoa Shell Fine Mulch

fine cocoa shell

In addition to our bark mulches, we carry Buckwheat Hull and Cocoa Shell mulches.

Cocoa shell mulch has a subtle, chocolate aroma and beautifies garden beds with its deep brown hue. It provides a weed barrier, helps retain moisture and is an excellent insulator in snow. Cocoa mulch breaks down slowly adding beneficial compost to soil. Learn more on the National Cocoa Shell website FAQ page.

Cocoa shell mulch is available in 2 cubic feet bags: $14.99

Bulk Loam in Bedford, MA

Bulk Loam

Bulk Loam

Our own compost enhanced loam is available for pick-up or delivery.

$28.99 per cubic yard

grave mixed washed in Bedford, MA

1.5" Mixed Washed Gravel

1.5" Mixed Washed Gravel

$84.99 per cubic yard

mixed washed gravel in Bedford, MA

3/4" Mixed Washed Gravel

3/4" Mixed Washed Gravel

$82.99 per cubic yard

mixed washed peastone in Bedford, MA

3/8" Mixed Washed Peastone

3/8" Mixed Washed Peastone

$87.99 per cubic yard

gravel cut bluestone in Bedford, MA

3/4" Blustone Gravel

3/4" Blustone Gravel

$56.99 per cubic yard

Stone dust in Bedford, MA



$54.99 per cubic yard

Finely crushed stone that is useful in a variety of landscaping and hard scraping projects.

perk pack in Bedford, MA

Perk Pack

Perk Pack

$56.99 per cubic yard

concrete sand in Bedford, MA

Concrete Sand

Concrete Sand

$73.99 per cubic yard

Supplies Calculator

Calculate how much product you need for your next project.

Gardening Products in Bedford, MA

Delivery Services

Take advantage of our delivery services to have all your supplies taken right to your home. We are happy to deliver any of your purchases to the following areas and within the following parameters:

  • Minimum purchase amount must total $100 before tax, or 3-yards of bulk material;
  • Refundable pallet charge of $20 applies to full pallet deliveries (Ideal Block, Techo Block, and Sod Pallets only)
  • Customers may order less than 3-yards, but will incur a $10 per yard fee.
  • Click here for more information on our Delivery Services and Pricing.

Other restrictions and charges may apply.

Interested in having our professional Landscapers deliver and install your bulk product?  Click here to learn more.


Please call us with any questions you may have.

We are often able to combine bagged goods or plant material with bulk item deliveries to help save you money.  Ask a salesperson which items can be combined.

About Our Bulk Materials

We have everything you could need when it comes to bulk materials, bulk garden products, and more. Learn about what we offer:

  • Compost – Bulk garden compost is very beneficial to soil. Adding compost to your soil increases organic matter while adding micro-organisms that digest organic matter and release valuable nutrients in your soil. Those nutrients end up making their way to your plant’s root systems to support strong plant tissue and improved flowering. Compost material also attracts earthworms which provide benefits to your plants. Compost material can be used for lawns, new perennial beds, trees and shrubs, vegetable gardens, and established beds, trees, and shrubs.
  • High Nutrient LoamNew England Nurseries offers bulk organic loam. This dark, finely screened loam is mixed with organic material. Use it for all your general planting needs.


  • Mulch – Bulk garden mulch can help you increase the beauty of your landscape while providing a security blanket for your plants. Mulch adds a polished, finished appearance to your lawn or garden area. Mulch insulates roots in winter and retains moisture in summer. Mulch also aids in weed suppression. From time to time, you will need to replenish your mulch supply, and New England Nurseries is the perfect place to get it. Types of organic mulch include straw mulch, cocoa bean hull mulch, buckwheat hull mulch, and more.

Delivery Areas

Don’t see your town? Contact us to request a delivery quote.

  • Acton $55
  • Andover $70
  • N. Andover $75
  • Arlington $55
  • Bedford $35
  • Belmont $65
  • Billerica $45
  • Boston $150
  • Boxborough $65
  • Brookline $75
  • Burlington $45
  • Cambridge $90
  • Carlisle $40
  • Chelmsford $55
  • Concord $40
  • Dracut $85
  • Dunstable $75
  • Framingham $80
  • Groton $70
  • Hanscom AFB $100
  • Harvard $70
  • Hudson $65
  • Lawrence $80
  • Lexington $40
  • Lincoln $40
  • Littleton $55
  • Lowell $55
  • Malden $65
  • Marlborough $80
  • Maynard $50
  • Medford $70
  • Melrose $75
  • Natick $80
  • Needham $80
  • Newton $65
  • Reading $65
  • N. Reading $65
  • Shirley $60
  • Somerville $70
  • Stoneham $70
  • Stow $60
  • Sudbury $60
  • Tewksbury $65
  • Wakefield $65
  • Waltham $55
  • Watertown $100
  • Wayland $60
  • Wellesley $65
  • Westborough $75
  • Westford $55
  • Weston $60
  • Wilmington $60
  • Winchester $60
  • Woburn $55

Get Your Bulk Materials Today

New England Nurseries is your local greenhouse and nursery center in MetroWest Boston and Bedford. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have or assist you with our bulk materials. Contact us today for more information.