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Sod Solutions From New England Nurseries

Your home’s surrounding land should be a reflection of comfort and aesthetic appeal, and New England Nurseries is a proud service provider with products to enhance its value and beauty. Our company has spent years serving clients with landscaping solutions in Metrowest and Bedford, MA. Sod installation is one service we offer to cover your property with green, lush grass that integrates with the land and beautifies your home. As an integral part of essential landscaping, sod installation is a simple and effective way to ensure you have a thick blanket of vegetation protecting your soil and improving your home’s curb appeal.


What Is Sod Installation?

New England Nurseries wants you to be confident in your choice to install sod at your home, and understanding what it is can help you feel at ease. To start, sod is already-grown grass with the roots sitting in a layer of fertile soil and material. Producers cut these strips of sod out of the ground and roll them up for easy transport and installation. Installing sod involves basic labor to prepare your ground and lay out the strips so that they cover it entirely. The process includes unrolling, placing, and seam packing the sod, along with instructing you how to care for it after we leave. Our team completes sod installations quickly but never sacrifices installation or sod quality.


Benefits of Sod Installation at Your Home

Sodding your home’s surrounding property is an excellent choice for many reasons. New England Nurseries gladly offers this service because of its many benefits, including the following:

  • Instant Lawn – Instead of waiting for seeds to grow into grass, sod gives you a complete lawn immediately after installation.
  • Less Irrigation – While seeding your lawn requires watering up to four times a day, you typically water newly planted sod twice daily for the first couple of weeks. This can save you time and money.
  • Denser Lawn – Sod pieces fit tightly together and prevent bare spots. The grass in sod pieces is also thick and lush from the start.
  • Prevents Soil Erosion – The grass is already fully mature when you install sod, so it controls mud, dust, and erosion. Sod quickly and effectively filters dust and dirt from your home.
  • Strong Foundation – Professional turfgrass farmers grow and sell sod, so you get a strong foundation for your lawn from the start. Weeds and other pesky issues don’t come with your new grass.

Our Sod Installation Process

The residential sod installation process is not complicated, but it does take professional expertise when preparing for sod installation and laying your new sod pieces. We’ve described the process below for your benefit:

  • We remove old turf and weeds from your property where the new sod will go.
  • Our team prepares the area by removing debris, such as large rocks.
  • We add additional soil and blend your old dirt to ensure the sod’s roots have a fertile base to grow.
  • After the soil, our crew finishes grading the area with rakes to ensure better control and precision.
  • Once we prep your property, we lay the new sod and cut the edges so that you get a well-manicured appearance. Upkeep is simple after completion.

What to Expect on the Day of Sod Installation

When New England Nurseries comes to install your new sod, we have a thorough routine we follow to ensure the best possible results. You can expect the following from us on the day of your sod installation:

  • Removing the existing grass and weeds while marking sprinkler head locations
  • Loosening the soil with a rototiller to promote healthy root growth
  • Resurfacing the lawn with a top dressing where needed
  • Installing your new sod and preventing water runoff with a staggered-joint arrangement
  • Testing sprinkler system and giving you watering instructions

How to Water Your Newly Installed Sod

After installing your sod, regular watering is essential to help the roots establish a healthy root system and keep your grass healthy and beautiful. New England Nurseries’ expert team will advise you on how often and how much you need to water your new lawn. A good rule of thumb is that freshly installed sod typically requires watering twice daily for the first two weeks. If you have a sprinkler system, the task should be fairly easy to set up a watering schedule and ensure your sod gets the moisture it needs.


Sod Installation Costs Less Than You Think

You might wonder if enhancing your lawn with sod installation will fit your budget, and we can confidently tell you this landscaping option doesn’t cost as much as you think. The installation and new sod pieces New England Nurseries offers come at competitive rates without sacrificing quality, and caring for your new sod requires less water than if you seed your property to grow grass. By combining our competitive rates with lower water bills and less labor on your part, sod’s value far exceeds the investment you put into it.




Ready For Your Dream Lawn?

New England Nurseries is ready to beautify your home and make your neighbors green with envy over your dense, green lawn. Contact us today for an affordable and quick sod installation to get instantly lush grass.