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Lift Your Soul with Indoor Houseplants

Decorative house plants can liven up your home and add atmosphere to any room. No matter how much experience you have with plants, New England Nurseries has a plant that will suit your skill level. Find the perfect decorative houseplant for your home or apartment.

We sell a large variety of ferns at our garden center in Bedford, MA

Why You Should Have House Plants

If you’re a young adult or millennial, adding some greenery to your home or apartment will offer benefits you may not be aware of. Plants will freshen the air in your home, so you’ll get clean, refreshing air throughout your space. House plants also add texture and color to rooms, creating a comfortable environment and enhancing wellbeing. Taking care of plants increases your level of responsibility and adds a feeling of accomplishment while you watch them grow. Many millennials struggle with social pressure and work-related stress, and a house plant can help you relax. Plants can be good for your mental health, but they can also physically help you; for example, aloe vera soothes sunburns!

Succulents and House Plants from New England Nurseries

At New England Nurseries, you can find a wide array of house plants to spruce up your home. If you are looking for year-round indoor house plants, we have a wide selection to choose from. Perhaps you want something pricklier; our cacti and succulents will fit right in! Bonsai plants are also an excellent choice, or low light house plants make a nice option for cities with lots of cloudy days. If you are new to house plants, you might need something that is easy to manage, and our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right plant for you.

Rubber Plant An easily manageable plant that loves sunlight, but prefers not to be left in direct light.
ZZ Plant Easy to care for, versatile plant that works well in bright or lower light.
Kentia Palm Bright, indirect light is best for this low maintenance house plant.
Calathea Decorative, colorful plant best in low to medium light.
Dieffenbachia Ideal for room corners because of their upright posture and can handle higher and lower light levels.
Ficus Audrey A minimalist aesthetic plant that prefers bright, indirect light and needs water frequently.
Lady Palm Perfect for indoor use because of its slow growing nature and compatibility with low light.
Fiddle Leaf Fig Best with bright but indirect light and needs drenching with water once soil is dry a few inches deep.
Snake Plant Tough plant that works well in both bright, indirect light and low light.
Split Leaf Philodendron Adds a bold tropical ambiance to your home with its wide leaves that look like Swiss cheese.
Chinese Evergreen Beautiful array of colors and great for any lighting condition, even fluorescent lighting.
tropical houseplants for sale at New England Nurseries

Choose New England Nurseries in Bedford, MA

While you have many choices in Massachusetts for house plants, few can offer what we can at New England Nurseries. Just let us know the lighting conditions inside your home and your skill level, and our experts can make perfect recommendations. From tropical house plants to small ferns, we have exactly what you need. Specifically chosen to thrive in Bedford, our plants are a welcome addition to any home, and creating a green sanctuary is easy with all of the supplies we stock. We also carry a wide variety of pots to house your new indoor plants!

Visit or Schedule a Delivery

Contact New England Nurseries or visit our nursery to buy colorful, vibrant indoor house plants for your home or apartment.