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Beautifying Your Home or Business

As seasoned landscaping and plant life professionals, the New England Nurseries team has ample expertise in outdoor beautification solutions for homes and businesses. Hydroseeding is an affordable and effective way to cover your property with healthy, green grass without spending time laboring over your lawn and spreading grass seed. Our company covers your lush lawn needs with quick commercial and residential hydroseeding services to grow fresh, thick grass in bare spots or your entire yard. Let our highly trained and knowledgeable professionals give you a thick, green lawn to add curb appeal, value, and protection to your property.

Hydroseeding services by New England Nurseries in Bedford, MA

What Is Hydroseeding?

New England Nurseries understands our customers want the best possible lawn installation option that fits their budget. Hydroseeding is ideal because it spreads a mixture of high-quality seed, water, fertilizer, and a wood fiber mulch known as hydromulch. Seeding, fertilizing, watering, and mulching all get taken care of in one application.

How Does Hydroseeding Work?

Applying hydroseed effectively covers your ground with all the elements it needs to grow healthy and green. After the green mat called hydromulch covers your newly seeded area, it performs all the following functions:

  • With its moisture retention, hydromulch hold 10 to 15 times its weight in water to keep seeds moist. This is an essential ingredient to growing lush, green grass.
  • Its erosion control properties keep your seeds safe with a blanket of protection against wind and runoff.
  • You get a nearly perfect microclimate in seeding protection hydromulch to promote maximum germination while helping soil maintain its temperature and protecting seeds from the scorching sun.

Residential Hydroseeding for Home Investments

Suppose your home’s surrounding property has bare spots where the grass isn’t growing in, or you need a complete lawn application. In that case, New England Nurseries’ hydroseeding can provide beautiful grass your neighbors will envy. Our team works with you to determine the best solution to your lawn care needs, including where to apply the mixture, what grass type you want, and instruction on how to care for it after we apply it. You can reach out to us to discuss hydroseeding at your home and get an estimate before starting the process to achieve a lush, healthy lawn. We can also pair hydroseeding with our landscaping services to transform your yard into a scenic haven.

Commercial Hydroseeding to Enhance Business Properties

All types of businesses benefit from attractive exteriors surrounding their buildings, and thick, vibrant grass is an excellent way to enhance their curb appeal. New England Nurseries offers commercial hydroseeding as a ground cover solution to businesses throughout the area because of its many advantages. A beautiful lawn makes your business look more inviting to visitors, customers, and your staff. People feel more comfortable when surrounded by well-kept greenery. A healthy lawn also protects your commercial investment by preventing soil erosion, and your property can increase in value with a top-condition exterior.

What Are the Benefits of Hydroseeding?

New England Nurseries offers hydroseeding for many reasons, including the stellar results you can get with a quick application process. Some benefits of hydroseeding at your home or business include the following:

  • Cost-Effective – Hydroseeding is one of the most economical options to grow grass on your lawn. It gets optimal growing results without the time consumption and expense of sodding or hand-seeding.
  • Better Lawn Quality – You get healthier, greener, thicker, and longer-lasting lawn quality that surpasses sodding and hand-seeding. The roots grow deeper, and the seeds are more resistant to external problems since they have been adjusted to their current soil conditions.
  • Erosion Control – Hydroseeding your lawn holds moisture and prevents erosion from rain, wind, pests, and the sun. The slurry of seed, mulch, tackifiers, and conditioners bind to the ground surface soil.
  • Seed Health – With hydroseeding, seeds have an ideal microenvironment to germinate. The slurry enhances the germination process and stimulates seed growth with a healthy, deep-rooted system.
  • Installation Speed – While the hydroseeding process doesn’t give you an instant lawn like sod installations, it is faster and easier to complete without extensive labor needs or expenses. Hydroseeded lawns with proper watering start to grow in about a week and achieve full establishment after three to four weeks.

Sod vs. Hydroseeding

Sod installations and hydroseeding are both acceptable means to enhance your property with a beautiful lawn but choosing between them means understanding their differences:

  • Sod is a roll or square of fully grown grass and soil, and hydroseed is a seed, mulch, water, fertilizer, and tackifier mixture we spread over the soil.
  • You can install sod almost any time during the year when the ground isn’t frozen, but you want to hydroseed in spring or fall when there’s a moderate amount of rain and warm soil.
  • Sodded lawns require little maintenance, but you still need to water and mow them on a schedule. Hydroseeding requires significant maintenance after we plant it, including ensuring proper conditions for the seeds to germinate and grow.
  • Hydroseed is a more affordable option than sodding but needs more effort to establish.
  • Sod is more difficult to customize since you must cut it to fit your landscape. We can spray hydroseed anywhere you want to grow grass and blend turf varieties to give it a unique look.

Get an Estimate From New England Nurseries

A lush, green lawn is within easy reach when you choose New England Nurseries to perform hydroseeding at your commercial or residential property. Our team works with you to create a customized plan and apply hydroseed wherever you want to grow grass. Contact us today for an estimate on residential or commercial hydroseeding.