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Your Local Shrub Nursery in Bedford, MA

New England is known for its lush scenery. From the cherry tree to the oak, there is no shortage of greenery. Why not enjoy some of that beauty at your home? New England Nurseries is a local garden center and nursery that is ready to cater to you. Our team can provide everything from terrarium shrubs to decorative planters, and everything in between.

Deciduous Shrubs in Metrowest & Bedford, MA

Add Shrubs to Your Yard

We live in one of the most beautiful states in the United States, and we owe a lot of that to Mother Nature. At New England Nurseries, we believe that no yard is complete without shrubbery. Your yard will feel more complete, balanced, and beautiful with shrubs and plants. Shrubs offer privacy from the outside world, and a healthy fruit tree can provide a nice snack while you enjoy the fresh air. As the seasons change, so will the colors in your yard. Not only will you enjoy your beautiful yard, but your new shrubs will also provide shelter for birds and other wildlife, and more soil stability.

Evergreen and Deciduous Shrubs from New England Nurseries

New England Nurseries can help you find the perfect shrub. We carry a variety of common and unusual shrubs, including flowering and full sun shrubs. If you need shrubs to provide shade during those hot summer months, we have those too.

Evergreen Shrubs
Azalea Beautiful shrub that blooms well, provides great shade, and adds robustness.
Rhododendron Sturdy landscape plant with evergreen leaves that will add shade to your yard.
Little Leaf Boxwood, Buxus micro. Tough shrub that can withstand abuse and be used for a variety of applications.
Threadleaf Cypress chamaecyparis Compact conifer that works best with lots of sun and can withstand heat or humidity.
Japanese Cypress chamaecyparis


Highlighted by gorgeous green leaves with silver-blue flecks, this shrub can grow to eight feet tall.
Hinoki Falsecypress chamaecyparis obtusa Easy to maintain, upright plant that never needs to be pruned and keeps its green color all year.
Golden Hinoki Falsecypress chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Crippsii’ Golden evergreen conifer that does not take much maintenance and looks great in winter months.
Winter creeper, Euonymus fort. Features a low stance and green leaves with a lot of variety—great contrast plant.
Inkberry, Ilex glabra Needs a lot of sun and produces fragrant white flowers and small black berries in the fall.
Blue Holly, Ilex meserve Thick evergreen shrub with lovely blue-green pointed leaves and black berries.
Juniper Short but plentiful plant with berries that works well as a landscape piece.
Mountain Laurel, Kalmia lat. Colorful shrub that blooms in the spring and prefers light shade or full sun.
Leucothoe Multicolored shrub with beautiful red stems, white/green foliage, and scarlet tones.
Siberian Cypress, microbiota dec. Beautiful and tough evergreen that resembles a Juniper with its scale-like green leaves.
Andromeda, Pieris Distinguishable by its bright red leaves, this evergreen prefers shade and drained soil.
Yew, Taxus med. Perfect for hedges big and small, the yew features dark green and glossy foliage.
Deciduous Shrubs
Roses Easy to grow, disease resistant floriferous shrubs that last until the first hard frost.
Hydrangea Available in a variety of sizes/colors and re-blooms throughout the summer.
Serviceberry, Shad, Amelanchier Multi-stemmed, berry-bearing plant with a lot of height that attracts birds.
Butterfly Bush, Buddleia Fast growing, low maintenance shrub that appeals to butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.
Beautyberry, Callicarpa All-season plant with white leaves in the summer and violet berries in the fall.
Sweet Pepperbush, Clethra Known for smelling sweet, available in white or pink and is perfect for gardens.
Redtwig Dogwood, Cornus Possesses a bright redpink color and has an upright, spreading appearance.
Smokebush Cotinus 10-12’ tall, red-purple shrub perfect for massing or hedges.
Enkianthus Bright green, upright shrub that produces creamy white flowers in the spring and turns a coppery red in the fall.
Forsythia Upright shrub that has golden flowers in the spring; perfect for a tall hedge or barrier.
Fothergilla Best in autumn due to its vast array of red and yellow colors; smells pleasantly of honey.
Rose of Sharon, Hibiscus syr. Produces numerous flowers in the summer when other shrubs do not bloom.
Winterberry, Ilex vert. Thrives in wet areas, great in both the winter or fall, and produces plentiful red berries.
Sweetspire, Itea virg. Produces white flowers in the summer and red/orange foliage in the fall.
Privet, Ligustrum oval. Green leaves provide dense cover while its summer flowers look attractive.
Northern Bayberry, Myrica pen. A shrub often used in soap, it attracts many species of birds and works well for foundation planting.
Physocarpus, Ninebark Works well as a landscape shrub due to its arching appearance and vibrant colors.
Elderberry, Sambucus Distinct for its dark black foliage and chic pink flowers, this shrub produces edible berries.
Spirea jap. This shrub works as a great garden addition due to its rounded form and beautiful flowers.
Lilac, Syringa A spring favorite, a colorful, great smelling shrub with flowers.
Blueberry, Vaccinium Popular during three seasons, this shrub produces a favorite fruit of both humans and animals.
Viburnum Produces colorful flowers and clusters of edible fruit.
Weigela Serves as a garden staple due to its dark green and purple leaves, flowers, and appeal to hummingbirds.


Evergreen Shrubs delivered to your doorstep in Bedford, MA

Choose New England Nurseries

When it comes to gardening, New England Nurseries has all the plants, products, and services required. You can find anything you need, from evergreen trees for privacy planting to ornamental, shade, and flowering trees. Our top-quality plants and supplies are exactly what any home gardener or professional needs.

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Take your love for plants to the next level. Contact us at New England Nurseries, stop by, or get our shrubs delivered right to your doorstep.