Mulch Spreading

Mulch spreading includes spreading, minimal edging of beds and fuel charge.

Planting beds must be prepared, meaning all weeds/brush and debris must be removed. If you would like us to prepare the area for you, please request an estimate.


Mulch spreading up to 5 cubic yards: $85 per cubic yard for labor

Mulch spreading more than 5 cubic yards: $75 per cubic yard for labor

Pricing includes delivery within local delivery areas.  Please call us for more information.

Take a look at our selection of high quality bulk mulches (priced per cubic yard):

Aged Hemlock Mulch (natural, undyed) $44.99

Black Mulch (dyed with Carbon Black) $39.99

Hemlock Mulch (dyed with Iron Oxide) $44.99

Jolly Brown Cow Mulch (natural, undyed) $44.99

Pine Mulch (natural, undyed) $43.99

Concerned about the safety of dyed mulch? Read more by clicking here.