Mulch Calculator

How much mulch will you need?

Adding mulch to your landscape goes beyond aesthetics.  Mulch provides water retention and prevents weed growth, helping trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables to thrive.  Figuring out the right amount of mulch to apply maximizes these benefits and minimizes waste.

Use our mulch calculator to determine how much mulch you will need.  (Tip: a standard mulch depth is 3")  

If your landscape isn't a perfect circle or rectangle, just break down the area you wish to cover into smaller rectangles and add the calculated square footage.  And remember, it's always better to have a bit extra rather than running out before you've finished.

Rectangular or Square Area

Length (ft)
Width (ft)
How Deep

Circular Area

Diameter (ft)
The diameter is the length of measure across the center of a circle.
How Deep