Jolly Brown Cow Mulch

This brown mulch, made from natural forest products, is mixed with just the right amount of composted cow manure. The composted cow manure does not contain seeds and is odor free, leaving only the nautral aroma of the mulch intact. This product is screened resulting in a fine grind.

A "weed & feed" approach to mulching has been gaining attention. Homeowners and landscapers have been mixing their own blends of mulch and compost for a few years now. Mulch to control weeds and retain moisture; compost to feed the soil and increase organic matter for improved plant growth.

Results received from an analysis performed by UMASS on our Jolly Brown Cow Mulch show high nutrient values.  Analysis is as follows: total nitrogen: 0.92%, total phosphorus 0.1178%, total potassium 0.1889%

This mulch is natural and undyed. Available by the cubic yard.

$44.99 per cubic yard