Outdoor Furniture

We carry high quality outdoor furniture from the Outdoor Interiors company.

From Outdoor Interiors:

Outdoor Interiors provides only Plantation Grown (C.O.C. and F.S.C. Certified) Eucalyptus Hardwood from Brazil and New Guinea.

Eucalyptus is one of the fastest growing, environmentally friendly, dense hardwoods that’s prized for its strength, durability and weathering characteristics in all climates.  Eucalyptus is naturally resistant to insects, decay, and presents beautiful, pinkish-brown tones with straight, light wood grain similar to Teak.  We recommend using a natural Linseed Oil for all our Eucalyptus Furniture.   If treated 2-3 times a year with outdoor furniture oil, this will help protect and preserve the Brown Umber Stain that each has item been applied to carefully by hand.

Outdoor Interiors. . . Simply Styled & Sensibly Priced!