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Imidacloprid and Bees:  Lately the pesticide imidacloprid has been in the news.  Environmental scientists have linked the use of imidacloprid with a recent collapse in bee colonies.  Bees are prime pollinators for roughly one-third of U.S. crop species, and their disapearance could result in major losses to the agriculture industry, affecting the economy and the food supply.  

We understand that sometimes using imidacloprid is the only course of action to save mature trees and shrubs that have insect infestations, but we would like consumers to be informed about their choices.  If you decide to use imidacloprid, we suggest applying it well after the blooming period of any particular tree or shrub, which may lessen it's affect on pollinators like bees.  Imidacloprid does however have a residual period of about five years, so applying it at any time will have a negative effect on the bee population.

Before using imidacloprid, try to solve your insect problem with another pesticide.  Spinosad is an organic chemical compond found in the bacterial species Saccharopolyspora.  It is very effective against many insects, including winter moth.  It should be applied heavily, as it is most effective when it completely coats all sections of the plant and any present insects or insect eggs.  Spinosad is available in the pesticide product Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew, made by Bonide.  It is available in our Garden Center as a concentrate or ready-to-use spray.

Learn more about imidacloprid and bees in this article released by the Harvard School of Public Health.